FeyeCon D&I and CO2Dry have upgraded their capabilities, in collaboration with VNK Herbs, via a VIDA Voucher grant. 

CO2 Drying technology allows to dry your products into free-flowing powders, with excellent retention of colour, flavour, and functionality of the ingredients, and increasing their stability.
CO2 spray drying gives high quality, functional powders and encapsulates that cannot be made by either freeze drying or conventional spray drying.

FeyeCon, together with partners, is working to make this mild, green, energy-efficient technology accessible for larger scale trial operations. It is investigated whether, apart from preserving fresh properties and special powder features, CO2 drying also allows to address and upgrade organic waste streams.

This project is funded by the VIDA voucher scheme, which is co-funded by the Horizon 2020 of the European Union.

From left to right: Raspberry, algae, egg-white powders.

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