CO2Dry happily announces that the NOM (the Investment and Development Agency for the Northern Netherlands) has invested in the startup company CO2Dry via their recently launched innovation fund Northern Netherlands. The game changing process and equipment developed by CO2Dry dries food and beverages with the help of CO₂ to ensure a longer shelf-life and create new product applications. The process ensures high quality products against a low energy consumption. The NOM is very glad with the establishment of CO2Dry in the North Netherlands:

Hans Praat, business development manager at the NOM says: “CO2Dry has the potential to grow and provide a good impulse to the Dutch production industry. The market potential of CO2Dry is enormous because all over the world, food and beverages are currently dried with inefficient processes. The CO2Dry method is an outstanding sustainable and qualitative alternative”.

CO2Dry has established its headquarters in Leeuwarden under the leadership of Cynthia Akkermans. The last five years, she has been working for FeyeCon, CO2Dry’s mother company, focusing on the development of the CO₂ drying technique. Now the company will focus on attracting market partners using pilot studies and developing industrial scale equipment. “CO₂ drying has an enormous potential” says Cynthia Akkermans. “Our process enables drying at mild temperatures, which ensures preservation of product quality at low energy consumption. We expect that industrial scale equipment can be ready in about two years. We have chosen to come to the North of the Netherlands, because of the excellent knowledge infrastructure on water and food production, and the active role that the NOM can play in building up our company.”


The NOM is the investment agency for the Northern Netherlands. Their aim is to let companies grow by providing financial means. Furthermore, they give active support and stimulate innovative entrepreneurship. They differ from other investment agencies by focusing on long-term commitments not aiming at a quick profit, but having an active participation and a company specific approach.

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