Benefits Of Our CO₂ Drying Method

To extend shelf-life, food products are often dried. Conventional drying techniques however, are known for their high energy consumption or poor product quality. CO2Dry introduces a patented CO₂ drying technique providing an improved process without these shortcomings.


1.   30% lower investment costs

2.   Low production costs

    Reduced energy consumption by 60%

       Shorter drying cycles with higher loading

       Microbial inactivation included

3.   Premium product quality  

       Low processing temperatures

       Preserved nutrients, pigments, taste and texture

       Oxygen-free environment


CO₂ is a readily available and extremely versatile resource. It is safe to work with, non-toxic, colorless, odorless and non-flammable. All these properties are very important features when working in the food sector. Other benefits of using CO₂ are:

  • It leaves no residual solvents – pure end-product
  • Reduces processing costs – quick, less energy, CO₂ is inexpensive and recyclable
  • It offers mild process conditions – low temperatures, no oxygen, no chemicals


Our mild drying process makes use of pressurized CO₂ to remove water from food products. The CO₂ we use is a waste stream captured from other industries and re-used as drying medium. The process uses mild temperatures (between 30°C and 60°C) in an oxygen-free environment ensuring that heat and oxygen sensitive compounds, such as vitamins, pigments, and proteins, are preserved. Furthermore, the conditions used prevent excessive shrinkage of the products due to the low interfacial tension imposed on the tissues of the products. During the drying process, microbial inactivation also takes place which eliminates the need for a sterilization/pasteurization step. For more information about CO₂ technology please visit FeyeCon.

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