after four years of hard work the European research and development project PRESERF is coming to an end. The objective was to develop new and sustainable preservation techniques for food products. Now all the research partners are ready to present their results. On the 28th of May we cordially invite you to join us and learn all about the latest sustainable preservation methods. 


PRESERF research partners present research results: During the workshop all research partners will introduce their research and the most important results. As the focus of the PRESERF project has been novel preservation techniques, the workshop will offer an insight in the latest on food preservation technology.

Tour around VNK facilities: VNK provides the cultivation, harvest, preservation, processing, storage and trade of herbs for aromatic and medicinal use. Due to their quality standard and experience, they are leading in the production of herbs. The heart of their cultivation area lies in Biddinghuizen (the Netherlands). Here they have an ultramodern accommodation equipped with the most efficient and innovative production and cleaning lines. During the workshop all participant can enjoy a tour around VNK’s state of the art facility.

Demonstration of new CO₂ drying and pasteurization equipment VNK is now the proud facilitator of FeyeCon’s CO₂ pilot drying and pasteurization machine. The machine is one of the concrete results of the PRESERF project and brings a promising new technology to the market. The spin-off company CO2Dry will utilize and commercialize the machine. With this machine, food and beverages can be preserved and pasteurized according to the highest qualitative standards against low energy consumption. These advantages make it the sustainable alternative for drying all sorts of consumables. During the workshop the drying technology will be demonstrated on fruit and vegetables. 


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