CO2Dry was founded in 2013, introducing a patented CO₂ drying technique that provides premium quality food products at low energy consumption. With these properties CO2Dry offers an inexpensive and sustainable alternative to conventional dried products. CO2Dry is dedicated to implement its clean and affordable CO₂ drying process worldwide by providing customized processes and equipment.


CO2Dry is part of the FeyeCon Group, the global leader in CO₂ technology. FeyeCon is all about innovation and game-changing, clean technology, a true process and product development company. Using CO2 technology FeyeCon strives to achieve a clean and sustainable planet. What sets us apart and makes us successful is the combination of R&D activities and a market driven approach. With ten successful joint ventures and branch offices in Asia and the US we continue to grow rapidly. We are very proud to say we partner with companies such as Nike, Ikea and many others. Because our CO₂ technology is so diverse and multi-applicable, we continue to develop new applications and products, striving to have a positive impact on as many industries as possible. 

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